It’s finally here by popular demand - The Ultimate Family Wellness Package:

8 Kids Wellness Awareness books + 7 Adult Wellness Books = 15 reasons to have fun as a family while learning!

This amazing package for just $35 includes:

8 Kids Wellness Awareness books
Environmental Wellness
• The importance of gardening and taking care of their environment
Occupational Wellness
• How to start thinking about what they want to be when they grow up
Social Wellness
• How to identify and handle social challenges in school
Intellectual Wellness
• The importance of self-development and building confidence
Spiritual Wellness
• Learning about moral, values and a greater purpose in service to the world
Emotional Wellness
• Being aware of challenging emotions and how to handle them
Financial Wellness
• The importance of saving money and becoming an entrepreneur
Physical Wellness
• How we can eat healthier and exercise while playing and having fun

7 Adult Wellness books
Motivation made Easy
• 101 ways to motivate yourself for continuous progress
Physical Wellness for Progress
• An ample guide to improving your exercise and nutrition practises for a healthier lifestyle
Being Bigger Than Burnout
• A simple plan to work smarter and prevent burnouts
Increased Energy for Better Productivity
• The secret to improved energy and functionality for more effective results
More Progress, Less Stress
• Powerful and effective solutions for achieving progress in any area of your life
Focusing on single-tasking
• Effective ways to improve your time management for increased productivity
Law of Attraction Simplified
• How to effectively use the law of attraction to improve your life

Discover simple and effective ways to improve your well-being!

They are practical and affordable, this amazing package can be yours today for only USD$35 reduced from $60 don’t delay, get yours today!

The Ultimate Family Wellness Package

$60.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
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