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A solution based method for a rising mindset

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

“Fix your fears, fuel your fascination” – Keiba Murray

Everyone has heard about a growth mindset, let we ask you to shift your perspective and look towards a rising mindset…

A rising mindset refers to moving upwards proactively and progressively.

3 step CPR Approach to tasks ahead:

1. Clear effective communication: giving and receiving, find out the right info for a solution, deal with facts and not gossip, do your own research. Be honest and open about what bothers you in an effective constructive manner

2. Positive approach & feasible plan: How can we make this work for the cause/ greater good bigger than ourselves. Do I have the right resources allocated to complete this project? Build each other up knowing that each member is a valued piece of the puzzle we are using to create synergy harmoniously in order to see the bigger picture. Taking personal ownership and responsibility for tasks

3. Remedy: Flawless execution of effective plan, stick to timings by showing up 15 minutes before, evaluate: was the solution successful? If so, how can I make it sustainable? Learn from the challenges and put improved measures in place to ensure a repeat does not occur.

Our personal "Space of Grace", in order to make this work, one must clear our minds from past negativity, past perceptions of ourselves and others. Give ourselves a clean slate every day in our space of grace. “small mercies” my friend calls it. Take what we have learnt (the positive from the situation) and move on. With that said, here is an approach for brand strengthening:

3 Steps forward, none backward!

1. Need for self-sufficiency (less dependency on sponsors) • Solution: Social media Advertising / paid ads on website, branded products, events, target correct audiences for specific audiences

2. Positive publicity – Project the right image and gain local and international support • Solution: Positive social media campaign and effective strategy/ Sales funnel marketing, etc.

3. Team Cohesion working together as connected building blocks of the same structure • Everyone take personal responsibility and do their part exceptionally “Let’s put aside our differences and work towards our common goals.”

Keiba Murray 3.5.19

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