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It’s said that time heals all wounds or that it waits for no one, some even say it doesn’t really exist! The ‘point’ in time I would like to touch on today is the factor of perception. When I was studying I would earn money as a hair dresser going door to door doing little girls hair, clients would treat you differently based on how they were thought to perceive migrants many based on what the society constantly negatively portrayed migrants. Some famous people today have started out as pizza delivery guys or even homeless! My point is, you might be ‘poor’ (financially challenged) today and' rich' tomorrow but does that mean your wealth should define who you are or how people treat you?

'We see the world as we are not as it is.'
Is the charity of the rich for the people they are giving it to or for recognition and their reputation? The word ‘charity’ implies one is better than the other, in other words, you are not giving to your equal or fellow brother, you are giving what you don’t want to someone beneath your class. It has been said that all that’s wrong with the world has come out of a single thought process where some people think of themselves as being better than others.

These assumptions may be based on their religion, class, nationality, culture, skin colour, level of education or even financial position. At this point some might say: "We were all created equally as humans and race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us. No one was born hating another, the same way we learnt our culture, religious knowledge and social upbringing, it is the same way we learnt prejudice, greed and power.
So what to do when you are faced with people who think they are better than you?
3 things:
1. Don’t take it personally because you know who you are and where you are going
2. Raise your vibration or your level of thinking: elevate to a state of being calm and conscious. Dr. Martian Luther King said: "darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that." So rise above the state of conflict, negativity and hurt and be the light.
3. See beyond their pain: it’s been said hurting people hurt people. Empathize with them, you may not be the real reason they are upset; unfulfilled goals, a lost love, unable to learn from failure.

Raise your eyes to meet the prize!
When you choose a goal that nurtures your soul, focusing on obstacles becomes mundane.